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Devra Swiger

Certified Pilates Instructor

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Devra Swiger

Benefits of Pilates

Increased core strength
Improved flexibility
Longer, leaner muscles
Faster metabolism
Increased body awareness
Improved posture
Stronger back for less back pain
Improves athletic ability in most sports

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Devra is certified through Polestar, The Physicalmind Institute, Colleen Studios and Alternative Fitness (both mat and studio series). She is also licensed in Fletcher Towelwork and holds certification in personal training and group fitness from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She has been an educational provider for ACE as well as for the YMCAs of greater Charlotte;

Devra has a diverse clientele ranging from pro athletes to people who have never exercised.

In addition to being a great workout, Pilates is also a means to a stronger back, which means less back pain. Devra has a lot of experience with clients who experience back pain and tight shoulders and necks.

History :
Devra Swiger, owner and founder of Ab-Solutely Pilates, discovered the Pilates method in the fall of 1999 after a back injury that prevented her from teaching a full schedule of aerobic and fitness classes. She read an article on the benefits of the Pilates method and decided to try a few private sessions. After her first session, she was hooked.

Get a Whole New Body!

Look better,

Feel better

"I've been doing Pilates with Devra for close to 3 years and I feel so much stronger, fitter and healthier. She's great!"
 - Samantha Guzman, Owner Healing Horizons Spa Huntington Beach, CA.

"One session of Pilates completely relieved lower back pain I had been experiencing for sevral days. Pilates has helped strengthen my lower back and abdomen plus increased my flexibility."
 - Karen Pearne, M.D.

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