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"I have been going to Devra now for over 5 years and I have never felt or looked better! I have always worked out but needed something different for those hard to tame areas and Pilates was just waht my body needed. After going through several different Pilates Instructors, I thankfully found Devra and Absolutely Pilates. She is amazing and really knows her stuff! I now proudly wear my tank tops and skinny jeans again and it is so neat to have friends tell me how great I look! "

- Julie Kopit, Costa Mesa, California

"I started with once a week and then went to twice a week. I have been recovering from a herniated disc in my lower back. I am feeling more toned as a result of the pilates and able to walk more miles now. Devra works with me to help improve my flexibility and mobility. I plan to continue with Devra so I make more progress with my flexibility."

- Client from Huntington Beach

"My husband and I have been taking pilates classes twice a week with Devra for almost two years now. Our coordination, flexibility and core strength have improved tremendously over this time. We have also found the classes to be a great way to relieve the daily stress of work!"

- Client from Huntington Beach

"I've been training with Devra for about two years and have seen a remarkable transformation in my body. I've gone down four dress sizes, my muscle tone has increased, and I feel great. Pilates is a perfect work out to incorporate with your cardio program. I used to go twice a week and have added a third day for the past year. Devra is an excellent instructor. She is detail oriented, always having you go through each exercise in a precise manner. She makes it fun as well. Her work out environment is excellent being very private and well equipped. I highly recommend utilizing Devra's work out at Absolutely Pilates."

-Julie Kopit, Fountain Valley, CA

"I now have a much stronger core, thinner legs & hips, along with much more agility. Its has also helped me keep a much more disciplined workout routine which has helped immensely with my rock climbing."

-Dawn Roda, Huntington Beach, CA.

"I can't believe the difference. I remember walking outside and saying to myself..."what is missing?" and it was the pain. I've had lower hip/back problems and with the persistence in targeting that area and making it stronger, I feel like a new person."

-Francie, businesswoman from Huntington Beach, CA

"I started Pilates with Devra In January 2005. Since then I have seen visible changes and feel better and stronger. Pilates is an intense workout that complements other forms of exercise of all types. I recommend it highly!"

-Denise L. Puthuff, M.D.

"My golf driving distance was being reduced due to lack of flexibility and I was starting to experience some knee pain. After starting pilates with Devra I was able to outdrive my golfing partners who are several years younger and my knee strength has improved. Devra's pilates training greatly improved my flexibility as well as strength. I recommend her style of teaching and am pleased with the results I received."

-Paul, Charlotte, NC

"One session of Pilates completely relieved lower back pain I had been experiencing for several days. Pilates has helped strengthen my lower back and abdomen plus increased my flexibility."

-Karen Pearne, M.D.

"Whenever I left a Pilates session with Devra, I never felt tired or exhausted. Although we pushed our bodies to their limits, we walked out feeling exhilarated and energized. Our limbs and spine felt longer than when we had first arrived."

-Terilynne Knox, Founder and owner Dance Davidson

"I've been doing Pilates with Devra for close to 3 years and I feel so much stronger, fitter and healthier. She's great!"

-Samantha Guzman, Owner Healing Horizons Spa Huntington Beach, CA.

"Devra is one of the most effective Pilates teachers. She motivates without being an exercise Nazi and she does it all with a sense of humor. My body is more toned now than ever before. As a woman who will turn 50 soon, I am glad that I have found Devra as a Pilates teacher and a friend."

-Solange Ritchie, attorney at Law and novelist

"Devra is awesome! I have never looked this good even after years of seeing a personal trainer three times a week!"

"I swear I’ve grown an inch!"

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